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DWI Defense Strategies

To make informed decisions about your defense, you must know and consider all potential consequences of a DWI conviction in your specific case. Changes in the law in recent years have significantly impacted sentencing and penalties in cases where grossly aggravating factors apply. Such DWI aggravating factors include:

  • Prior convictions for any impaired driving offenses within the past seven years — or a charge of driving while license revoked (DWLR) due to a prior DWI
  • Impaired driving with any passenger under the age of 18 in the vehicle
  • Causing serious injury to another person through impaired driving
  • Blood alcohol content (BAC) measured at .15 percent or greater

Prior Conviction? Minor In Your Car? Every Factor Matters.

There are five different misdemeanor sentencing levels for a North Carolina DWI, and those labeled habitual DWI offenders face felony charges carrying a mandatory jail term and permanent license revocation. Punishments escalate dramatically from Level 5 up through Level 1 (and now “Aggravated Level 1”) sentencing, bringing possible consequences for misdemeanor convictions such as:

  • Mandatory jail or prison terms ranging from 24 hours to three years
  • Fines of up to $10,000
  • Driver’s license suspension/revocation ranging from one to four years, with ability to obtain a limited driving privilege dependent on many factors
  • Mandatory installation of a costly ignition interlock system
  • Court-ordered abstinence from alcohol or drugs, enforced through a monitoring device or chemical drug testing

We Will Fight For Your Rights

As you can see, simply gauging what you are up against is a serious challenge. The lawyers at Combs Law Firm PLLC, will apply decades of experience whether your case involves Breathalyzer test refusal or one or more aggravating factors. For a free initial consultation who knows all viable DWI defense strategies in the Winston-Salem area courts call 336-276-0561 or email us.