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Marijuana Possession/Distribution

Unlike other states where marijuana possession has been decriminalized or legalized at some level, North Carolina still has strict laws on the books for many marijuana charges. Even if you are not likely to receive a lengthy jail term or large fine for pot possession, it is critical to consider the impact of having a drug conviction on your record. If you are charged with marijuana distribution or cultivation, you definitely need counsel from an experienced lawyer.

Combs Law Firm PLLC, will provide personal attention, straight answers and strong representation to protect your rights and future. He is a trial-proven defense lawyer with extensive drug case experience across nearly two decades in practice. You can turn to our firm with confidence if you or a loved one must confront charges such as:

  • Misdemeanor possession of less than 1.5 ounces of pot
  • Felony possession of more than 1.5 ounces, which can bring a year in jail and other stiff penalties
  • Cultivation or distribution charges at any level
  • Paraphernalia offenses
  • Multiple drug charges or a marijuana charge that arose out of a driving while under the influence arrest

Take Immediate Action To Get The Guidance And Advocacy You Need

You should contact a qualified lawyer as soon as possible after an arrest for possession of marijuana or any other drug offense. Answering questions or making statements to police can seriously damage your case and limit your options.

We will rigorously investigate what happened and determine whether police violated search and seizure laws, mishandled evidence or made other errors that put an acquittal or dismissal within reach for you. If the case against you is strong, we will skillfully target deferred prosecution (available for some first-time offenders) or another manageable outcome.

Benefit From A Free Initial Consultation: 336-276-0561

Our Winston-Salem law firm is an outstanding resource for accused drug offenders throughout the Triad region. We represent many college students attending Wake Forest University and other institutions, working people of all ages, and people arrested while visiting our area. You can also turn to us for help if you are seeking expungement of a past arrest. For a free consultation focused on your important concerns and legal options, call us at 336-276-0561 or email us now.