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We know how to protect our clients’ rights and leave them well-positioned for the future they want for themselves.

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At Combs Law Firm PLLC, we understand the challenges people face when serious legal issues arise. Whether it is a DWI or any other type of criminal charge, personal injury or commercial real estate issues, we are here to provide experienced guidance and highly effective advocacy that can secure the resolution you are looking for. Do not face these issues alone.

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John R. Combs

John R. Combs

Ruth Bradshaw
Ruth Bradshaw

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Divorce and Family Law

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Personal Injury

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More Than 45 Years Of Combined Experience

We are able to secure positive results for our clients in part because of the more than 45 years of combined experience we have. By trying cases in our local courts, we have learned what strategies work. This allows us to deliver outcomes that help people put criminal charges behind them, secure the future of their families, and get the fair insurance settlements that they deserve. We are always working to find the best way to help our clients get what they came to us for.

We Put You First.

Board Certified Specialist | Noth Carolina State Bar | Family Law