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It is no secret that North Carolina laws against driving while impaired (DWI) are tougher than ever. Enforcement is extremely aggressive and the consequences of a conviction can be absolutely devastating today. Prosecutors cannot and do not offer plea bargains the way they used to.

All these factors make it critical for you to work with a dedicated criminal law attorney in Winston-Salem who makes DWI defense a central focus. The lawyers at Combs & Lee know all relevant laws and procedures in depth. We will investigate what happened rigorously and spell out your options based on a combined total of 40 years of case-building, negotiating and trial experience.

Turn To A DWI Defense Lawyer Who Will Look At Every Angle On Your Case

The science of DWI prosecution has come a long way in recent years. This does not mean that having been told you “blew over the limit” is the end of the line — but it does mean that you need a lawyer who understands that science and has applied numerous strategies effectively.

We Know The Law, The Science And The Systems

At Combs Law Firm PLLC, we go the distance to collect and assess all evidence in each DWI case we handle. This includes the arrest report, all blood alcohol testing data and the police video recording if there is one. DWI defense strategies that we may utilize in your case include:

  • Establishing that there was no reasonable suspicion to stop your vehicle or no probable cause to arrest you
  • Proving that there are reasons to believe an Intoxilyzer reading or other test results are inaccurate or unreliable
  • Exposing other violations of the many technical procedures required to be followed when police make a DWI arrest

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Your biggest concerns at this point may be avoiding a criminal record if possible, regaining your driving privilege and moving forward from this low point in your life. You can count on diligence and straight answers when you contact our firm.

We stand ready to build your case for trial or do everything possible to protect you from the most extreme consequences. Call 336-276-0561.