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Traffic Tickets/DWLR

If you have been ticketed for speeding, careless driving or driving while your license is revoked, it can be tempting to simply pay the ticket and try to move on with your life. Traffic tickets, however, can have effects on your driving record and your insurance that go beyond merely paying a fine. You may want to have a lawyer help you reduce or mitigate these unpleasant effects.

At Combs Law Firm PLLC, you will find a Winston-Salem traffic law attorney who can help you fight traffic tickets that could have serious consequences on your life. We help people throughout the Triad of North Carolina with both traffic tickets and criminal charges.

License Suspensions, Higher Premiums Among Penalties

Traffic tickets can affect your life in several ways. North Carolina has a point system under which you accumulate points for driving tickets. If you accumulate enough points, your driver’s license can be suspended. Even before a license suspension kicks in, your insurance company may raise your premiums if you have tickets on your record.

Some traffic tickets can result in more than just fines. If you are ticketed for driving while license revoked (DWLR), you could face criminal penalties that include jail time.

Forsyth County Speeding Ticket Attorney

With consequences like these, you may want to think twice before you pay off the ticket. Our law firm helps clients fight traffic tickets such as speeding, careless driving, reckless driving, driving with a revoked license and many other tickets that can affect your license and your insurance premiums.

To find out whether you could benefit from challenging your traffic ticket, contact our law firm to schedule an initial consultation with a lawyer. You can reach us at 336-276-0561 or contact us online.