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Domestic Violence

When police in the Triad region are called to deal with a household dispute, someone almost always gets arrested. North Carolina laws against domestic violence are broad, tough and strictly enforced. You could be convicted of a domestic violence offense even if no physical contact took place because these laws cover threats and emotional abuse as well. The state may prosecute you even if your accuser later has a change of heart.

It is critical to take any charge such as domestic assault, stalking, or violating a protective order seriously. You should contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer at our firm, Combs & Lee, as soon as you can — and before answering any questions asked by police if possible. No one accused of domestic violence should underestimate potential consequences that may include:

  • Significant jail or prison time and large fines
  • Loss of your right to own or possess any type of firearm, including a hunting rifle, with any violation of that order resulting in federal criminal charges
  • Imposition of a 50-B no-contact order or other type of protective order that could force you to leave your home and restrict your ability to see your children as well as the person you are accused of abusing
  • A conviction that can never be expunged from your record and may have serious consequences regarding your current job, future prospects and activities such as coaching

You Need Focused, Rigorous Representation By An Experienced Lawyer

Combs & Lee fully recognizes how serious acts of spousal abuse and other types of family violence must be treated under the law. We also know from two decades of experience that some allegations are false or exaggerated. Some are motivated by the desire for revenge or leverage in a divorce case.

To work closely and directly with a lawyer prepared to hear you out and take your case to trial or negotiate skillfully for a reasonable outcome, call 336-276-0561 or email our legal team now. Attorneys at Combs & Lee will provide a free initial consultation to help you make the soundest possible decisions about your defense.