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How does my BAC affect my ability to drive?

It is difficult at the moment to understand how consuming alcohol affects your body and your brain. Because of the effects of the substance, you cannot realize the changes in your abilities. This misperception can lead you to drink too much before getting behind the...

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Driving is not an element of a DWI offense

After a night on the town, you may believe sleeping off your intoxication in your vehicle is a good way to avoid a driving while impaired charge. While it is always better not to drive with a blood alcohol concentration above 0.08%, your belief may not be entirely...

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Why can DUIs harm your college career?

North Carolina college students like you have big plans for your future. Maybe you have programs you want to try. You might want to travel overseas or do an exchange program. Perhaps your field is rigorous and you must finish many years of schooling for it.  With...

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What are aggravating factors in a DWI case?

When the police pull you over for rolling through that stop sign, their investigation may turn from that of a minor infraction to a more serious charge. If the authorities believe you are driving intoxicated, you may face DWI charges.  There are factors that may play...

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