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Why can DUIs harm your college career?

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2020 | DWI |

North Carolina college students like you have big plans for your future. Maybe you have programs you want to try. You might want to travel overseas or do an exchange program. Perhaps your field is rigorous and you must finish many years of schooling for it. 

With these plans at hand, you do not want to risk losing them all. This is exactly what a DUI conviction has the potential to do. This is true even if it is your first offense. 

The financial impact of DUIs on college students 

The College Investor states that a DUI conviction can ruin your college life. First, your financial capabilities may take a serious hit. If you are relying on a loan, this could end up alright. But what if you are attending on a scholarship? What if the college granted you a financial gift to allow you to attend? If you end up with a DUI conviction on record, these gifts may end up revoked by the college board. 

It is also common to disallow students with DUI convictions from living on campus. This means you must pay full price for off campus housing. In many states and cities, this is impossible for someone on a college budget. You also have to figure out how to transport yourself to college every day. You may have your license suspended. This means you could end up looking at enormous public commutes that last hours. 

A risk to your job prospects 

Do not forget that some jobs revoke applicants with DUI on their record. This is true of positions that involve commercial driver’s licenses. It also includes jobs involving childcare or children in general. Examples include nannies or teachers. Do not treat DUI charges lightly for that reason.