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How does North Carolina drug court work?

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2022 | Drug Charges |

Many people who struggle with drug or alcohol addiction never receive the help they need to recover. This can lead to a revolving door situation where addicts are continuously in and out of jail due to drug violations.

North Carolina Drug Treatment Court may be a solution for some addicts who want to break the cycle.

What is drug court?

The North Carolina Drug Treatment Court Program helps people recover from addiction by combining regular court appearances, drug screening and treatment services. The goals of the program are to reduce alcoholism and drug dependency in the state, reduce the drug-related court workload, reduce recidivism, promote effective use of resources and increase the accountability of drug offenders.

Unlike traditional substance abuse programs, drug courts can use the legal system to intervene when a participant relapses and monitor participants for signs of problems. Drug courts require participants to commit to long-term treatment and focus on high-risk offenders, rather than low-risk individuals who are more likely to successfully self-correct their behavior. These programs typically have higher rates of completion than traditional rehab.

Who is eligible for drug court?

To participate in a drug court program you must meet the eligibility criteria:

  • Diagnosed as chemically dependent or borderline chemically dependent
  • Meet legal eligibility requirements
  • Be eligible for intermediate punishments for any pending offenses
  • Meet any other requirements of your local program

Generally, drug court is only an option for non-violent offenders.

For those who qualify, drug court can provide a path to recovery. Participants may also receive other benefits, such as credits for fines and waivers for community service.