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What are the impacts of joint custody?

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2022 | Divorce |

Joint custody is one of the most popular options for custody in today’s society. Though sole custody once reigned supreme, studies over the years have shown that joint custody actually has many more benefits.

As such, this custody option can potentially impact a child of divorce in a positive way. But exactly what are these potential impacts?

Alleviation of fears

Psychology Today looks into the impact of joint custody on children who experience it. Joint custody first and foremost allows for the alleviation of many of the main concerns children of divorce tend to have. The biggest fears mentioned involve a fear of instability and uncertainty of the future and a fear of a lack of a parent’s involvement in their life.

Joint custody assures a child that they will have both parents present and around as they age, taking some of these fears and unknown factors away.

Studies typically attribute this continued stability and familiarity with many of the primary benefits that joint custody seems to offer. This includes healthier coping mechanisms developed at a younger age and healthier relationships –  both platonic and romantic – into adulthood.

Improved mental health

Children who experience joint custody also seem to have better mental health in general. When compared with children who experience sole custody, these children have fewer reported instances of depression and anxiety. They also have lower rates of post-traumatic stress disorder, and other stress or trauma-based disorders.

A healthier adult life

On top of that, these children tend to experience faster rates of recovery when they come across hurdles in their adult life. This is potentially attributed to the skills that joint custody gave them in their youth.