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3 reasons you should never post about your accident on social media

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2022 | Blog, Injuries |

Social media has completely changed how we share feelings and experiences with friends. Websites and apps are the new standard for so many people to interact with one another. Instead of picking up the phone or scheduling a coffee date, you post your news on your socials.

However, you should never post news or feelings about your car accident on social media sites. Here are three good reasons to keep your car accident off your newsfeeds.

Litigators can use your words against you

A strong litigator can take the words you post on social media and use them against you in a court of law. Anything you write on social media can be admitted into evidence in court. A talented attorney can twist an innocent phrase like, “I never saw him coming!” into a confession of guilt.

Photographs are also evidence

Attorneys can also submit photos and videos taken from your social media sites and use them as evidence. Photos of the accident site, videos of you telling about your accident or even photos of your injuries can be used to discredit your side of the story or “prove” your liability.

You cannot “erase” things from social media

Deleted posts are never really gone. If you post something that you regret and attempt to delete it, it will be too late. Your post is still available to anyone willing to look. The best approach is to never post at all.

Posts about your accident can only hurt your chances in court. Help yourself by avoiding any mention of your accident on your socials.