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Mistakes people make with drugs and driving

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2022 | Drug Charges |

Aware people know they should not have illicit drugs in their possession. For many, the temptation is still too great. They choose to engage despite the risks.

Getting caught with narcotics while traveling means serious trouble. Even marijuana, which has seen widening acceptance, can result in harsh punishments. If you are carrying enough, it could trigger a distribution charge that leads to prison. The odds of suffering incarceration are lower when you avoid certain roadside behaviors.

Bringing drugs along

Never put anything that might implicate you in a crime into your vehicle. There should be no illegal substances present. Drug-taking paraphernalia and unregistered firearms must also be absent. A warrant is not necessary for an officer to search your car. Be sure there is nothing for them to find when they do.

Committing traffic offenses

The less reason you give police for pulling you over, the better off you are. Make sure your license plate and vehicle registration are current. Fix windshields that have cracks, and avoid legally questionable modifications.

Volunteering any information

Be polite to any law enforcement official that pulls you over. That said, you are under no obligation to speak about your day. Opening your mouth can only harm you. Anything you say could create suspicion. The officer will be looking for clues that justify a roadside sobriety test. Avoid giving them one by remaining silent. In the event you are being detained, ask for a lawyer. Stress that you will not answer further questions without representation.

Getting into legal trouble over drug possession is a distressing scenario. Follow these guidelines and avoid criminal charges.