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Drug court may be an option for some defendants

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2021 | Drug Charges |

When people face drug charges, they may think that there are few options available to them, however, people may be able to participate in a drug court.

Drug courts are one tool that the North Carolina judicial system uses to address drug offenses. According to the North Carolina Judicial Branch, these courts provide treatment to people who have faced drug charges on multiple occasions. People usually work with several professionals as they receive treatment for drug addiction.

Who is eligible?

If people want to participate in a drug court, they have to meet the requirements. People usually need a doctor’s diagnosis confirming that they have an addiction to a chemical substance. Officials also examine a person’s criminal record. Drug courts usually work with people who have non-violent offenses on their record. People may not be eligible if they have a conviction for a violent offense.

Individual counties may have their own requirements for these programs. People typically need to meet the guidelines set out by Forsyth County as well as those recommended by the State of North Carolina.

How do drug courts work?

In Forsyth County, people usually work with several different professionals. The Forsyth County Clerk says that a drug court typically begins with a clinical assessment. People generally receive a treatment plan tailored to their particular situation. They may work with a case manager who helps keep them on track and they also appear in court on a regular basis. People usually participate in a drug court for at least one year.

Drug courts typically aim to reduce recidivism rates. Because of this, candidates for drug court usually have to demonstrate a commitment to completing the program and becoming self-sufficient.