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Can you get a DWI on a golf cart in North Carolina?

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2021 | Blog, DWI |

Many North Carolina residents navigate around their communities on golf carts and similar small vehicles. After a few drinks, this practice can result in charges of driving while intoxicated.

Review the factors that may contribute to conviction for DWI involving a golf cart in North Carolina.

Prohibited vehicles

North Carolina prohibits operating various vehicles under the influence of drugs or alcohol beyond cars, trucks, SUVs and golf carts. Drivers can receive a DWI while riding a bike, operating a watercraft, driving a moped or even operating a lawnmower in a public area. The state’s DWI laws do not apply to operating a motorized wheelchair or riding a horse.

Possible legal consequences

DWI arrests involving golf carts rarely occur on private lands such as country clubs or golf courses. However, drivers risk DWI charges as soon as they enter the parking lot or road when intoxicated on a golf cart or other vehicle. Recently, a man in Holly Springs received DWI charges after the death of his passenger in a golf cart from a head injury.

North Carolina has five levels of DWI depending on the circumstances of the person’s arrest, whether he or she has a DWI history and other factors. Fines start at $200 for the first offense with no injuries. The convicted driver can also receive 24 hours of community service and a 30-day license suspension.

Understanding the laws about DWI and golf carts and other vehicles can help North Carolina residents avoid costly mistakes. Individuals who receive DWI charges have the right to legal representation.