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What are the signs of marital trouble?

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2019 | Divorce |

Is your marriage on rocky ground? Sometimes it can be hard to tell. Signs of marital strife are not always obvious, especially when going through the motions day-to-day. Additionally, not all marital problems ultimately lead to divorce. According to Business Insider, these signs signal deeper issues within a marriage, which should be addressed by both parties or divorce may be likely.

Communication is essential in a marriage. Even if you argue with your spouse, it’s better to get issues out into the open than to let them fester unaddressed. When couples cease communicating, their marriages may be headed for divorce. This is especially true if neither spouse makes an attempt to improve communication or deal with issues in the relationship.

Troubled marriages can also take on a worrisome dynamic. When one person is invested in mending the relationship while the other is not, it can greatly increase tension between the two. In essence, one spouse will pursue the other, while the other will constantly put distance between them. This causes the pursuing spouse to feel inadequate and unfulfilled, while the spouse being pursued will feel aggravated and put upon. After so long, the pursuer will cease making attempts and reconciliation will be less likely.

When people think of broken trust in a marriage, they imagine affairs and cheating. Financial disputes also involve broken trust, which can be especially damaging when spouses have vastly different ideas regarding finances. In this case, the more frugal spouse may experience broken trust after their spouse goes over their agreed-upon budget so many times. Financial problems can just as damaging as infidelity, in this case.