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North Carolina drug charges yield notably serious consequences

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2019 | Firm News |

Increasingly, more people across the country – including many North Carolina residents – are adopting liberalized attitudes toward drug possession and use.

Marijuana is usually the centerpiece topic in decriminalization-linked discussions, with proponents of loosened legal exactions often citing to a progressively growing number of states that are relaxing drug penalties.

Notably, North Carolina is not a prominent member of the go-light crowd when it comes to taking an aggressive stance toward unlawful drug-linked activity.

Indeed, if you are a state resident criminally charged with possession, sale (including the intent to sell), manufacturing or trafficking of a drug, you face distinct challenges. We note on our website at the proven criminal defense law firm of Combs & Lee that you specifically “face the potential for steep fines, prison and other penalties if you are convicted.”

The possibly severe outcome linked with a North Carolina drug offense leads many targeted defendants to reasonably turn without delay to an established team of defense attorneys for tailored and aggressive representation.

Experienced advocates will look closely at every aspect of a drug arrest/charge from the moment they take a case, looking especially at constitutional rights that might have been violated in a stop, search and seizure. It sometimes turns out that police officers lacked any probable cause to stop and closely interact with an individual in the first case. Perhaps they proceeded without first obtaining a necessary warrant. Prosecutors sometimes charge inappropriately. Myriad other factors might additionally come into play.

The consequences of a drug charge can be severe. An experienced defense team will craft strategies aimed at mitigating them to the fullest extent.