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Co-Parenting challenges brought on by summer

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2019 | Firm News |

As the weather heats up and school lets out, many co-parents find themselves facing a unique set of obstacles.

Summer presents new challenges for both parents, especially around these areas:

Vacation plans

Summer is the time for road trips and new adventures. Many parents look forward to trips with their kids during the warmer weather. After all, obligations are minimal during the summer hours.

However, as a co-parent, it’s important to discuss any vacation plans with the other parent. This is doubly true if the vacation cuts into their time with their child (or children). It may be tempting to simply book a vacation and then bring it up, but doing so can cause a lot of headaches.

Respect your ex-partner’s time and schedule when planning a trip.

Summer jobs

Many teens look for work in the summertime. It can be a great way for them to learn the value of money and develop strong work skills that can serve them later in life.

However, when a teen is applying for a job, it’s important to take both parents into account. If you live in the middle of Winston-Salem but your ex lives in Clemmons, letting your teenager take a job on the west side of town is probably unfair to the other parent.

Any job opportunities should be discussed between parents before going forward. Even if you do not anticipate the other parent ever driving them to the job, you never know when something will come up.

Camps and sports

If your children want to enroll in a summer camp or a sporting activity, make sure you discuss the options with the other parent before agreeing to anything.

Giving your child permission to enroll in an activity without coordinating with your ex leaves them powerless. If they had other plans for that time, it puts the child in the unenviable situation of choosing between an activity they looked forward to or their parent’s expectations.

Practicing communication

Summer offers new challenges for co-parents. Many of these obstacles can be overcome through vigilant communication and cooperation. Unfortunately, many parents know all-too-well that no one can be forced to do either.

If you’re facing a summer dispute or want to rework your custody plan, talking to a knowledgeable attorney can be a great first step.