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What not to do if pulled over for suspicion of DWI

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2019 | Firm News |

Getting pulled over by law enforcement can immediately put you in defense mode. Unfortunately, by doing this it can also make you say and do things that can cause you additional trouble. There is a certain protocol you should adhere to when being pulled over by an officer. Knowing these things in advance can only help, as going on instinct can sometimes put a simple traffic stop into a frustrating situation for all involved.

Here are things you certainly should not do if you are pulled over by the police when the officer may suspect you of DWI.

Rude behavior – Being pulled over can be an inconvenience and the officer may be a little too authoritative for your taste, but you should never be disrespectful of the job the officer is doing. One thing to keep in mind is that rude behavior does not extend to refusing field sobriety tests. It is your right to refuse these tests and even though you may frustrate the officer by not taking a field sobriety test, remember you are exercising your rights and not being rude. If the officer asks you to take a breathalyzer test or chemical test via urine or blood, you should not refuse this test since it could result in consequences even if you are not over the legal limit.

Speaking too much – You are likely to be asked a lot of questions by the officer as they try to determine your condition to see if you are intoxicated. Unfortunately, talking can expose you to many more problems. Keep your answers very short and do not feel like you need to explain your way out of the stop.

Sudden movements or acting peculiar – Officers are trained to watch for unusual behavior. If you are flopping around your car looking for your wallet or purse to search for your driver’s license or fidgeting in your seat, you are likely to bring additional attention to yourself that you may not want.

Lying – While this may be your first time ever being pulled over and you think you have a way to lie your way out of the situation, for the police officer who has probably been on hundreds if not thousands of stops, has heard it all before. Once the officer realizes you are lying, you will only cause more suspicion and maybe even cause yourself more trouble.

Arguing – The problem with arguing is the police officer knows the laws and the situation they are in and you are probably not as aware of the circumstances. Therefore, you need to not only refrain from arguing but stay as silent as you can until you speak to an attorney.

Driving or running away – The easiest way to make matters much worse for yourself is run or drive away. If you drive away from the police you will be endangering your life as well as others. By running away on foot, you will give off the impression you are hiding something and will endure longer questioning and possibly charges when you are eventually caught.

If you have been pulled over and arrested for suspicion of DWI, you should request the services of a DWI attorney. There are many aspects to a DWI charge that you will want to have representation on your side to help you navigate through.