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Child Support Tailored To Your Needs And Resources

Since parents are expected to support their children financially until the child turns 18, it is important for separating parents to have their interests represented in child support negotiations. These payments might be made for the next ten to fifteen years; don’t get stuck paying more than you are able or receiving less than your child deserves.

Attorney Ruth Bradshaw spearheads family law and child support services at Combs Law Firm PLLC, offering guidance backed by decades of experience and recognition from her peers. Ms. Bradshaw is also a certified parenting coordinator who can help parents in conflict communicate and find solutions for their children.

Make sure someone is on your side, advocating for your interests in child support determinations. Call us in Winston-Salem at 336-276-0561 to learn how we can help.

North Carolina’s Child Support Guidelines

Child support payments are generally determined by a formula which takes into account a parent’s gross monthly income as well as child-care related expenses such as health insurance. Parents can also create their own child support arrangements and have them approved by the court, called a voluntary support agreement.

How To Negotiate Non-Guideline Child Support Arrangements

If parents’ combined income exceeds $300,000 a year, child support can deviate from the general guidelines. If you own a business or your actual income is difficult to determine for some reason, your child support payments may also be allowed to deviate from the normal guidelines.

A skilled child support attorney can help you convince the court to deviate from the guidelines in these situations. By having someone on your side to advocate for your interests, you can find a solution that works for you and your child. We can also assist parents with any necessary modifications or enforcement actions they might encounter later on.

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