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Family Law

Combs Law Firm PLLC, in Winston-Salem offer high-quality family law representation with decades of experience. We take the time to listen to each individual and personalize a strategy for the case tailored to your unique needs. Below are some common questions we receive during initial consultations. To learn more about how we can help you, please contact the firm at 336-276-0561.

What Factors Determine Child Custody?

If you and your ex cannot agree on a parenting plan for custody and visitation, then it will be up to a judge to decide. The courts consider several factors when determining child custody, but all primarily focus on the best interest of the child, such as whether one parent has a history of domestic violence. The law does not include at what age a judge would consider a child’s wishes in custody. Rather, it depends on the judge’s opinion of when the child is mature enough to make that decision.

Will Alimony Be Included In My Divorce Settlement?

This will depend on the circumstances of your individual situation. Generally, a divorce includes alimony if one spouse was financially dependent on the other spouse during the marriage.

How Does The Law Determine Child Support?

The formula factors in the number of children, your monthly income, child care expenses, health insurance costs and custody. A parent must pay child support until 18 (if the child has yet to graduate high school, it goes until age 20).

Do Grandparents Have Visitation Rights?

Yes. North Carolina law grants third-parties visitation rights to children.

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