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Do I need a child custody order in North Carolina?

On Behalf of | May 20, 2022 | Child Custody |

In North Carolina family law cases, people will often be under the impression that the case is destined for endless dispute. However, some cases are relatively agreeable with the parties coming to negotiated settlements to avoid longstanding acrimony and problems. Still, with a situation as delicate as child custody, it is important to be aware of the challenges that might arise.

Key points about child custody orders and whether to have one or not

Some parents decide to move forward without a custody order. They may do this under the impression that their cordial relationship can withstand obstacles. Even if this is the case, people should know the details about whether a child custody order is required and what might happen if they do not have one.

There is no legal requirement to have a child custody order. If the parents can forge their own agreement and schedule, maintain it and avoid disagreements, this could be an economical and beneficial strategy.

If the child will be cared for by a nonparent, there does not need to be a custody order. It is wise to note that a third party might not be allowed to make certain decisions in the child’s stead if there is no custody order. That includes medical decisions and other key areas of the child’s life.

When there is no custody order, the legal parents have an equal right to the child. The legal parents are listed on the birth certificate. They can also be listed on an adoption order or an affidavit of parentage. For nonparents, their rights will be limited if there is no custody order.

If there is a gap between the type of schooling the parents want the child to have or the kind of medical treatment there will be, the lack of a child custody agreement could be problematic.

Knowing the importance of a child custody order is important in a family law case

Even if the parents believe they are on good enough terms that they do not believe they will need a custody order, it is still useful to understand the benefits of having one and the drawbacks of not having one.

For nonparent custody, having the custody order could be crucial to have all the rights they need to have a voice in the child’s life. Child custody issues are emotionally, personally and financially wrenching. Having guidance is essential with any area of family law, but it is especially so in matters regarding children.