Winston-Salem Attorney Fighting Felony Charges

Any criminal conviction can be life-altering, but charges classified as felonies absolutely must be approached with a full understanding of the many severe consequences. A felony conviction could cost you months or years of freedom and your right to vote. It can never be expunged and may make it extremely difficult to maintain a job or pursue other vital life goals.

Trial-Proven Representation For People Charged With Felony Offenses

If you or a loved one has been charged with a felony crime in North Carolina's Triad region, attorney John Combs has the knowledge and experience to provide excellent representation. He has handled numerous felony trials in various area jurisdictions and negotiated manageable outcomes in many others since launching his legal career in 1994.

Felony DWI And Drug Crimes · Sex Offenses, Property Offenses And Violent Crimes

Felony criminal defense demands rigorous investigation of all relevant facts and an unyielding commitment to developing the right strategy to beat the charge or minimize consequences. At Combs Law Firm, PLLC, in Winston-Salem, we deliver maximum effort to earn the best possible outcomes in cases involving:

  • Felony-level drug offenses such as distribution or cultivation of more than five grams of marijuana — or possession of even a small quantity of various other controlled substances
  • Felony DWI for people labeled habitual offenders due to four convictions within a seven-year period
  • Violent crimes such as assault with a deadly weapon, including felony domestic violence cases
  • Property crimes such as breaking and entering
  • Rape, sexual assault and other sex crimes for which a conviction will bring required registration as a sex offender

North Carolina criminal statutes are extremely complex. The specific felony count you face may be at any of 10 levels of seriousness. You need a seasoned trial lawyer who will hear you out, lay it on the line in terms of what you are up against and genuinely make your defense a top priority. For a free initial consultation with John Combs, call 800-419-4877 or reach out to us online now.