Attorney John Combs has been practicing law in North Carolina with a strong, primary focus on criminal defense since 1994. Our Winston-Salem law firm is a go-to resource for people charged with driving while impaired (DWI) at any level, under any circumstances, anywhere in the Triad region. You can also turn to Mr. Combs for focused, results-driven representation if you have been charged with a drug crime or any other type of misdemeanor or felony offense.

Personal Attention From An Attorney Immersed In Criminal Law And Effective Defense Strategies

When facing any criminal or traffic charge, fast action to get a lawyer you can talk to openly and trust is critical. Your future is on the line. Talking to police without an attorney present is a mistake many people seriously regret. John Combs will step in decisively on your behalf, listen to your story, investigate rigorously and go all-out to protect your rights.

To learn more about Mr. Combs' background and credentials, follow the link to his profile below. For dedicated personal attention to your case and your needs, request a free consultation directly with Mr. Combs as soon as possible.